The Doctors

Raising Awareness for Testicular Cancer

See the unusual step one man is taking to raise awareness for testicular cancer, the most common cancer affecting American males between the ages of 15 and 35… read more.

HuffPost Live

Why This Man Rolls A Ball For Testicular Cancer

If we want to raise awareness about testicular cancer, we have to talk about balls. Survivor Thomas Cantey joins us to talk about “We Are Ballsy” … read more.


Salinas Man Traveling Cross Country with Inflatable Testicle

Thomas Canley, a 31-year-old testicular cancer survivor and Salinas native, is pushing a 6-foot inflatable “testicle” across the country to generate… read more.

The Young Turks

TYT 140 – Ballin’ Cross America

A Stage 3 testicular cancer survivor Thomas Cantey pushes a giant testicle across the country to promote awareness of testicular cancer… read more.

WGNO News With a Twist

Testicle Trek – Man Pushing Giant Testicle Across U.S. for Cancer

Thomas Cantley, also known as “Mr. Ballsy” is rolling a giant ball across the country from Los Angeles to New York City to educate and engage with others… read more.


Man Raises Awareness for Testicular Cancer

A man is pushing a giant inflatable testicle across America for testicular cancer awareness, the most common cancer affecting American males between the ages of 15 and 35… read more.

Fox 10 Phoenix

Man Raising Awareness of Testicular Cancer

What he is doing is definitely getting a lot of attention. Some might find it funny, and that is the point, he wants it to be an ice breaker and get people talking about preventing testicular cancer… read more.


Be Ballsy’ Campaign Rolls Through ABQ

There was an unusual sight on the streets of Albuquerque Thursday night. A man was seen rolling a six foot ball down Central Avenue during rush-hour and it was quite the head-turner. But why… read more.

Fox 26 Houston

Survivor Gets the Ball Rolling for Cancer Awareness

John Donnelly meets up with Tomas Cantley during his stop in Houston for his ball push tour for testicular cancer. If you see a giant ball rolling through Houston, make sure to… read more.