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You’ve checked out their balls, have you checked yours?

Yes. James Franco and Seth Rogen have got some monstrous balls. Why SO monstrous you ask? Well, aside from the obvious, it’s to get your attention. Now that we have it, Mr. Ballsy drew this sketch just for you as a reminder to check the balls in your life. Testicular Cancer is real and the most effective way to survive TC is prevention. Now onto why we chose Franco and Rogen as one of our, “Celebrity Balls EXPOSED!”


James Franco and Seth Rogen are ballsy. After producing and acting in the movie, The Interview, threats were made and Sony pissed their pants. Instead of tucking tail and taking off the gloves, they worked with NetFlix and the film was released in select theaters around the country.

Before The Interview‘s release Christmas day, Franco and Rogen denied nationally broadcasted interviews, and left the decision to pursue the freedom of watching the movie on a big screen up to the American people. The result? The film grossed roughly  $2.8 million from the 331 theaters who bravely screened the movie and Sony Pictures announced that across all platforms, the film was rented or purchased more than 4.3 million times between Dec. 24 and Jan. 4.

Even more ballsy, James Franco and Seth Rogan live tweeted throughout the entire first official screening at 2pm Christmas day.

@SethRogen tweeted: It's at this point that I gotta say that it's fucking weird I'm watching this on TV right now. #TheInterview 
@JamesFranco tweeted: A movie that ends with,"shit his pants. The end," is probably a master piece. @SethRogen @evangoldberg #TheInterview

So here’s to you James Franco, Seth Rogen, the producers of The Interview, the American people and the 331 theaters that proved to North Korea that we’ve got big balls.

Now, #beballsy and share this post. Mr. Ballsy is giving the world comedic relief, but most importantly, he wants to create awareness for testicular cancer, and that’s worth sharing. Until next time…

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