Throw Back Thursday | Scars and Silver Linings

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Cancer is serious. Cancer is scary. Cancer is sometimes… a blessing.

L to R Ryan, Thomas (Mr. Ballsy) and Peter at Thomas’s first event, “Fighting Cancer is Ballsy.”

While going through treatments in the hospital, Thomas Cantley laid in a hospital bed, choosing to document everything during his diagnosis process. The documentary is about his lifeas he was inevitably the lead role as a kid in his 20s battling testicular cancer.

Ryan pictured on the left was in the hospital bed next to him, baring the same abdominal scar after enduring his surgery for testicular cancer.  He was just 17 years old and scared to death. He and Thomas battled together and kept each other sane through their journey together.

Pictured on the right is Peter Bovolaneas, actor and testicular cancer survivor. When Thomas began his journey as a survivor, building his, ”Ballsy,” campaign, he reached out to individuals within the TC community for advice. He found Peter, 6 years his senior and a so-called, “veteran.” Peter suffered two TC relapses in his diagnosis and lost both testicles. Even in remission he remained positive and became a great role model for Thomas.

Peter and Thomas became best friends supporting each other in all of their endeavors. Peter flew to Thomas’s first event, “Fighting Cancer is Ballsy,” to be the host and MC which is pictured above. They’ve become such close compadres that Peter asked Thomas to be in his wedding.

When Thomas Cantley was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer, he felt the same shock, depression, confusion and desperation that every new TC patient feels. He then fought for his life, making it to the light at the end of the tunnel. He now bares the scar of so many other men who consider themselves members of the TC community. They support and learn from each other everyday.

What’s the silver lining?  Testicular Cancer changes you. It molds and reshapes you, mentally, emotionally and physically. Thomas Cantley did not just choose to become Mr. Ballsy, the role of Mr. Ballsy chose him and he continues to share his story to encourage awareness, education and hope to every patient, survivor and individual affected by this diagnosis. Join the Mr. Ballsy team and let’s fight the battle together.

#BeBallsy, get tested and keep fighting the good fight. Happy #TBT.