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We’ve talked a lot about different people and have used the term Born Ballsy to describe many of them. However, Yuvraj Singh brings a whole new meaning to the term and was legitimately born ballsy!! Yuvraj Singh is an incredible left batting and slow left arm orthodox cricket player who assisted in India winning their first title in nearly three decades. It was during the highlight of his Cricket career that he became short of breath and coughing up small amounts of blood which prompted Yuvraj to seek medical intervention. Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with mediastinal seminoma located between his left lung and heart. This is an extremely rare and is a congenital condition that develops in the germ cells during the embryonic stage. So obviously he fits the description “Born Ballsy” to a “T”! As his father said during an interview about his son diagnosis, Yuvraj is a “sher” which is a term that’s means lion, and Yuvraj certainly has the heart (and tatay) of one. He received treatment, overcome his lung cancer and is back to being the king of his jungle!


As you can see, there is no question on why we chose this icon of the Indian Cricket scene. Not only is Yuvraj a great role model for future athletes, but he’s also a reminder that despite his great health, he was affected by this very rare form of cancer. In addition, it affects individuals when they are young, just like testicular cancer! The ballsy team can guarantee that Yuvraj Singh checks his samosas to ensure himself that he stays in the limelight of his very successful and recognized career.

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