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We’ve talked a lot about different people and have used the term Born Ballsy to describe many of them. However, Yuvraj Singh brings a whole new meaning to the term and was legitimately born ballsy!! Yuvraj Singh is an incredible left batting and slow left arm orthodox cricket player who assisted in India winning their first title in nearly three decades. It was during the highlight of his Cricket career that he became short of breath and coughing up small amounts of blood which prompted Yuvraj to seek medical intervention. Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with mediastinal seminoma located between his left lung and heart. This is an extremely rare and is a congenital condition that develops in the germ cells during the embryonic stage. So obviously he fits the description “Born Ballsy” to a “T”! As his father said during an interview about his son diagnosis, Yuvraj is a “sher” which is a term that’s means lion, and Yuvraj certainly has the heart (and tatay) of one. He received treatment, overcome his lung cancer and is back to being the king of his jungle!


As you can see, there is no question on why we chose this icon of the Indian Cricket scene. Not only is Yuvraj a great role model for future athletes, but he’s also a reminder that despite his great health, he was affected by this very rare form of cancer. In addition, it affects individuals when they are young, just like testicular cancer! The ballsy team can guarantee that Yuvraj Singh checks his samosas to ensure himself that he stays in the limelight of his very successful and recognized career.

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“Don’t let nobody touch it, unless that somebody’s me”

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Sigh, Adam Levine. You know just the words to a woman’s heart and well, other explicative body parts that just make us melt. Speaking of body parts, there’s a couple we need to address not just on Valentine’s Day, but every month of the year. Ladies, as you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with that special someone or watching 50 Shades of Grey in a sold out theatre, think about two very important things… balls.

50shadesofgrey-image_webI know when you hear, “balls,” you probably think of one of two things, the bouncy air-filled object that’s used in sports or those two dangling sacks of flesh hanging from a man’s scrotum. I am not talking about the balls on the court, rather, the special balls in your life and your bedroom.

cosmo-articleIn Cosmoplitan’s article, “Two spots he’s dying for you to touch,” you can read a long list of reasons why touching your man’s balls is really, really hot. “His testicles are actually covered by a thin layer of muscle that extends into his abdomen, so as he gets more excited, he experiences pleasurable contractions that radiate throughout his body, magnifying his climax,” says clinical sexologist Rachel Ross, MD, PhD. However, before or after the explosive climax, I challenge you to magnify your focus on performing a routine self-less exam on your man, which could save his life.

As women, we are constantly reminded about self-examination to prevent breast cancer, and as women, we should encourage our men to join in on this practice. We need to remind the men in our lives to take preventative measures with regards to their health.

First, let’s get educated.

There are many potential risk factors with regards to the nuts in our life, but the truth is no ball sack is safe. Lets throw the ball around a bit and get a better idea of what we’re talking about:

Testicular Cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells and without early detection, can potentially spread to other parts of the body. In fact, 90% of all TC starts in the germ cells, or in laymen terms their potential swimmers. The warning signs are simple, but not easy to juggle (see what I did there): Feeling a lump or pain in the testes, Heaviness or dragging feeling in the lower abdomen or scrotum, Dull pain in the abdomen and groin are all signs of concern.

Now, back to the magnified climax…

This weekend, get some red-hot lingerie, read a page out loud of 50 Shades of Grey, put on his blindfold and play ball. Pay extra attention to anything that may be irregular. A gentle squeeze or slight tug is all you need to ensure you protect the family jewels, and let’s face it, he’s going to enjoy the extra attention. It is good practice to perform a routine exam monthly, although some men would tell you a daily exam is what’s necessary.

Now, are you ready to get dirty?

For Valentine’s Day, I have saved a present just for you. Adam Levine may have the voice, Cosmo may have the instructions, the ladies of the Mr. Ballsy Team may have the facts… but feast your eyes… Mr. Ballsy has the scar, and of course lots of other complimentary features. You’re welcome.

I know you’re all probably distracted by Mr.Ballsy bearing it all, and we have to admit he’s rocking it better than Adam Levine’s shoot with cosmopolitan UK for Testicular Cancer awareness. The one thing we can learn from these two men is:

Detection can be sexy, and we want you to make it intimate on Valentine’s Day.

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Howie Mandel: Celebrity Balls Exposed

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Yes. Howie Mandel has some monstrous balls. Why SO monstrous you ask? Well, aside from the obvious, it’s to get your attention. Now that we have it, Mr. Ballsy drew this sketch just for you as a reminder to check the balls in your life. Testicular Cancer is real and the most effective way to survive TC is prevention. Now onto why we chose Howie Mandel as one of our, “Celebrity Balls EXPOSED!”


Despite his lifelong struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and his nearly crippling mysophobia; an irrational fear of germs, Howie has become a successful public figure and a pioneer and creator for many entertainment ventures.

His entertainment career started very early, and in fact, led him to being expelled from school for impersonating members of the school board. From here he became a salesman and opened up his own business. However, this didn’t stop him from following his heart (and lets face it, his balls) and devoting his time to comedy at Yuk Yuks in Toronto. His staple act was placing a latex glove over his head and blowing it up with his nose, which is fitting considering to this day he won’t shake hands without wearing one. Instead he is known for greeting contestants, celebrities, and colleagues with a fist pump.

Howie revealed to Ability Magazine in 2011 about his struggles with his condition: “I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel there was an issue. But I wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. I’ve always felt a little bit different, and I always knew I wasn’t as comfortable with life as everybody else seemed to be. But I didn’t know what I could do about it. When I was a kid, I didn’t know anybody who went to a psychiatrist. There was always a stigma attached to mental health issues. I think there still is. But now I’m taking care of myself.”

Howie Mandel has embraced his conditions and is completely open about them. He often pokes fun at himself allowing others to see that despite the internal struggle they may face they can still become anything they want. With his balls in a vice.. he has proceeded to star in countless movies and TV shows while being the Creator and Executive Producer of the 8 season, Emmy-nominated, children’s show Bobby’s World.

His “ballsy” nature is an inspiration to us all and a reminder to keep our health in check; because we all have the balls to overcome anything.

Now, #beballsy and share this post. Mr. Ballsy is giving the world comedic relief, but most importantly, he wants to create awareness for Testicular Cancer, and that’s worth sharing. Until next time…
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