Global Art Exhibit | South Africa

By April 4, 2015Celebrity Balls

In a world so focused on celebrities and pop culture, Mr. Ballsy was inspired to combine these topics with art to draw attention to his mission in life – creating awareness for Testicular Cancer!

The media has a tendency to draw our focus away from issues that may make us feel uncomfortable or fearful. Testicular Cancer falls under this criteria and our Mr. Ballsy was inspired to use profound public figures as a way to bring awareness to this delicate topic. He achieves this by using art in a tangible way to keep the heart of his mission in perspective.

This Celebrity Balls Exposed art display is a unique part of the global awareness that the Mr. Ballsy campaign is initiating. There will be 10 major cities across the globe presented sporadically conveying the importance of detection, prevention, and treatment during Testicular Cancer awareness month this April.

Each Ballsy piece is customized to the particular country the public figure resides in and illustrates two very distinct characteristics, illuminating the balls of the matter.

Before occupying a canvas, each image was an idea; hand-drawn by Thomas Cantley, then brought to life with colour and digitally mastery by Nicole Richard.

This is our opportunity to raise awareness, and your opportunity to take heed of our advice!! Be in control of your health, and be ballsy!!

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Nelson Mandela was Born Ballsy

Nelson Mandela was the face of peace, justice and equality worldwide and is a highly regarded public figure to the South African people. He put his life on the line (and his balls) for his beliefs. The cost of that was spending 27 years behind bars, but this never deterred him from his mission, and in the end he was the successor over oppression. The world will always remember Mandela for his courage and tenacity for his actions.29839_413026305752_884061_n

Be Ballsy and Love Your Nuts!

And look who it is peeking out from around mister Mandela, Torsten Koehler! Torsten is a former teacher and testicular cancer survivor. He used his experience to educate his students and young men about detection, which in turn saved the life of a 16 year old. He is the founder of “Love your Nuts” campaign and has also written a book! He is highly recognized for his contributions with educating people on the importance of this issue.

Mandela had it right when he said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world”, and Torsten Koehler is doing just that! Koehler believes that “we are educating by going balls and talking nuts”. So with that in mind, let’s get the ball rolling and spread the knowledge of nuts!

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