Throw Back Thursday | Scars and Silver Linings

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Cancer is serious. Cancer is scary. Cancer is sometimes… a blessing.

L to R Ryan, Thomas (Mr. Ballsy) and Peter at Thomas’s first event, “Fighting Cancer is Ballsy.”

While going through treatments in the hospital, Thomas Cantley laid in a hospital bed, choosing to document everything during his diagnosis process. The documentary is about his lifeas he was inevitably the lead role as a kid in his 20s battling testicular cancer.

Ryan pictured on the left was in the hospital bed next to him, baring the same abdominal scar after enduring his surgery for testicular cancer.  He was just 17 years old and scared to death. He and Thomas battled together and kept each other sane through their journey together.

Pictured on the right is Peter Bovolaneas, actor and testicular cancer survivor. When Thomas began his journey as a survivor, building his, ”Ballsy,” campaign, he reached out to individuals within the TC community for advice. He found Peter, 6 years his senior and a so-called, “veteran.” Peter suffered two TC relapses in his diagnosis and lost both testicles. Even in remission he remained positive and became a great role model for Thomas.

Peter and Thomas became best friends supporting each other in all of their endeavors. Peter flew to Thomas’s first event, “Fighting Cancer is Ballsy,” to be the host and MC which is pictured above. They’ve become such close compadres that Peter asked Thomas to be in his wedding.

When Thomas Cantley was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer, he felt the same shock, depression, confusion and desperation that every new TC patient feels. He then fought for his life, making it to the light at the end of the tunnel. He now bares the scar of so many other men who consider themselves members of the TC community. They support and learn from each other everyday.

What’s the silver lining?  Testicular Cancer changes you. It molds and reshapes you, mentally, emotionally and physically. Thomas Cantley did not just choose to become Mr. Ballsy, the role of Mr. Ballsy chose him and he continues to share his story to encourage awareness, education and hope to every patient, survivor and individual affected by this diagnosis. Join the Mr. Ballsy team and let’s fight the battle together.

#BeBallsy, get tested and keep fighting the good fight. Happy #TBT.

Q&A with Dr. P | Should I get a second opinion?

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QUESTION : When I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer I was very nervous, and experienced heightened emotions. After leaving the doctor appointment I felt I didn’t get a chance to express myself due to news I had just received. When diagnosed is it ok to get second opinions or look into possible alternative options? I read a lot of different things on the internet but I am thankful for this reliable resource. –Kyle, Salt Lake City, Utah

ANSWER: Thanks for the great question, Kyle.  I think its very important to get a second opinion, and more importantly, to get a second opinion from someone who specializes in Testicular Cancer.

First, I recommend all patients with a life-changing diagnosis to get a second opinion.  If you had appendicitis or a pneumonia, most physicians can care for that without issue.  Even if you like the first doctor you see, a second opinion is definitely warranted for a new cancer diagnosis.  In fact, I recommend that most of my new patients to seek a second opinion to make sure they understand all of their options.

Second, Testicular Cancer is a relatively rare disease and not all urologists, medical oncologists and primary care physicians understand the nuances of treatments and their side effects.  Consider this: there are approximately 10,000 urologists in the country and an estimated 8,000 men diagnosed with TC each year.  Therefore, on average, each urologist sees one TC patient per year.  It’s not their fault, but you want to get an opinion from someone who sees a lot of TC patients.  Ultimately, you may return to the first urologist (or physician) you saw – and there’s nothing wrong with that either, but you should certainly seek an “expert” opinion.

I am happy to see any new TC patients at Hopkins, but there are many great centers around the country that can help you and we would be happy to point you in the direction of the one closest to you. – Dr. P

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You’ve checked out their balls, have you checked yours?

Yes. James Franco and Seth Rogen have got some monstrous balls. Why SO monstrous you ask? Well, aside from the obvious, it’s to get your attention. Now that we have it, Mr. Ballsy drew this sketch just for you as a reminder to check the balls in your life. Testicular Cancer is real and the most effective way to survive TC is prevention. Now onto why we chose Franco and Rogen as one of our, “Celebrity Balls EXPOSED!”


James Franco and Seth Rogen are ballsy. After producing and acting in the movie, The Interview, threats were made and Sony pissed their pants. Instead of tucking tail and taking off the gloves, they worked with NetFlix and the film was released in select theaters around the country.

Before The Interview‘s release Christmas day, Franco and Rogen denied nationally broadcasted interviews, and left the decision to pursue the freedom of watching the movie on a big screen up to the American people. The result? The film grossed roughly  $2.8 million from the 331 theaters who bravely screened the movie and Sony Pictures announced that across all platforms, the film was rented or purchased more than 4.3 million times between Dec. 24 and Jan. 4.

Even more ballsy, James Franco and Seth Rogan live tweeted throughout the entire first official screening at 2pm Christmas day.

@SethRogen tweeted: It's at this point that I gotta say that it's fucking weird I'm watching this on TV right now. #TheInterview 
@JamesFranco tweeted: A movie that ends with,"shit his pants. The end," is probably a master piece. @SethRogen @evangoldberg #TheInterview

So here’s to you James Franco, Seth Rogen, the producers of The Interview, the American people and the 331 theaters that proved to North Korea that we’ve got big balls.

Now, #beballsy and share this post. Mr. Ballsy is giving the world comedic relief, but most importantly, he wants to create awareness for testicular cancer, and that’s worth sharing. Until next time…

Who will be exposed by #mrballsy next?  #beballsy #checkyourballs #cancer

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It takes balls to OptiMYze your health

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This Saturday, January 10 the OptiMYze Live Health Expo will be kicking off at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, NS. This year it’s not just time for your New Year’s resolution, it’s time for a healthy lifestyle revolution!

As the largest health expo in Atlantic Canada there is something for everyone. If you’re a beginner, moderate or expert athlete, you’ll find all types of demonstrations to inspire you’re own recipe for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find information on healthy cooking, exercising, medication, stress relief and most importantly speaking engagements that all start with a choice to overcome challenges.

One of the special guests attending this year’s OptiMYze Live Health Expo is Thomas Cantley, also known as, “Mr. Ballsy.” His story begins as a photographer living the fast lane until he discovers his diagnosis of Testicular Cancer. After a journey through the trenches of hospitalization, treatment and losing a testicle, Thomas rises up and redefines himself.

Mr. Ballsy. That became his new name, with a new mission: to educate men just like him about Testicular Cancer. He walked 7,000 miles across the country to accomplish his mission and he did it on good faith. With a giant 6 foot rubber ball and his trusty sidekick Vader, they’ve been promoting a healthy lifestyle one step at a time.

Hear Thomas Cantley’s inspiring story and his plans for the future to promote awareness for Testicular Cancer. He and Vader will be taking the Main Stage at the Cunard Centre, Halifax onSaturday, January 10 at 4:30PM. For more information, visit the OptiMYze website at:


Follow Mr. Ballsy and Vader’s Journey by visiting the Mr. Ballsy Facebook page!

Twitter//@mrballsy  Instagram//@Mr.Ballsy

The Wind Took My Ball

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My ball almost got away from me in New Orleans! that was legit wind... It actually did blow out of my hands shortly after and I had to chase after it... luckily no balls were harmed in the process of this filming.

My ball almost got away from me in New Orleans! That was legit wind… It actually did blow out of my hands shortly after and I had to chase after it… luckily no balls were harmed in the process of this filming.